Natural beauty and texture with a classical feel

Natural beauty and texture with a classical feel

The bathroom refurbishment, planned and implemented by Outhouse Bathrooms of Reading, exploits the natural beauty of BendyStone to add texture, depth and and a stunning backdrop to the contemporary lighting and sanitaryware.

Outhouse Bathrooms are well known for combining outstanding products from across Europe with innovative and contemporary design to create exceptionally beautiful spaces. They’re consistently on trend and pride themselves on delivering tailored solutions to suit any budget.

Outhouse 3

For this project, they chose our stunning Tara Red BendyStone to add warmth and earthiness to the ultra-modern look of the fixtures and fittings in the bathroom.

Outhouse 2

Like the rest of our range of twelve distinctive and spectacular colours, Tara Red has the natural, individual pattern which can only be found in real stone. The sheer opulence of Tara Red lends a classical feel to any design.

Outhouse also specified BendyStone for its ease of use in handling and fitting. The thin profile makes it light to carry and fit, whilst delivering incredible flexibility in use.

The inherent flexible and lightweight qualities of real stone veneer are making BendyStone® a popular choice for designers and other specifiers in the hospitality sector. However, during a recent bar renovation project, North West designers Brereton Pinnington found that BendyStone has uplifting properties too.

Brereton Pinnington wanted their design elements to do the shouting in the ground floor cocktail bar of the Townhouse, Oswestry – a stunning renovation of a Georgian property into an uber-stylish restaurant and functions rooms, under the charge of Michelin-starred chef Michael Caines MBE.

Discussing their choice of materials, Clair Brereton of Brereton Pinnington said, “The counter in the cocktail bar is very long and the focal point of a room that had no natural light. We therefore need something bold to cover the bar front – something that would add light and do all the talking. This meant choosing a strong, vibrant, statement colour and Autumn White BendyStone, real stone veneer met the brief perfectly.”

The stylish bar at Townhouse

The stylish bar at Townhouse with BendyStone in Autumn White

Like all twelve of the colours in the BendyStone range, Autumn White with its grey hues, has inherent 3 dimensional accentuations and the fact that no two panels are the same, provides unique character and personality to the stone.

bar 3 bar

The BendyStone cladding complements the strong architectural features of the room such as the high ceilings, and pairs well with the over-sized sofas, quirky distressed furniture and rabbit chairs, which give the space an Alice in Wonderland feel.

It took 20 sheets of BendyStone to cover the bar front and these were laid vertically to soften the length of the bar. The sheets – lightweight and therefore easy to carry around site – were applied using Natural Stone Veneer’s recommended solvent-free adhesive. The sheets measure 1220mm x 610mm and are very easy to work with, and flexible enough to deal with the ‘zig zag’ shape of the bar counter.

During the manufacturing process, the high degree of adhesion accomplished between the stone and the glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) produces a strong bond and results in a stable, yet highly flexible material. This made the bending of the stone around the front corner of the bar easy, but much more complex shaping around tight radiuses can be achieved on columns and curved walls for instance.
BendyStone is a popular material choice for Brereton Pinnington because it appeals to their core client base that is looking for something different. Clair admits, “No one has ever seen anything like BendyStone before so when we show it to clients there is always bit of a wow factor about it.”

Bentley - Galaxy 2
Bentley is the established expert in the handcrafting of wood and leather, and they are now exploring new, fine and rare materials to offer even more bespoke tailoring and choice to customers.

For the first time anywhere in the world, Bentley buyers can access the sheer beauty and texture of real stone veneer on their Continental and Flying Spur marques.

This innovative interior finish utilises the state-of-the-art stone veneer technology of Richter India to make a luxurious, contemporary feature of a natural product formed over 200 million years.

NanoStone stone is sustainably sourced from hand-selected quarries in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, India – a nation with an ancient and rich culture of stone masonry. The sections of stone are split from larger pieces and cured using glass fibre and a bespoke resin. Finally, they are shaped and hand finished by Bentley’s world-renowned Mulliner coachbuilding team at the company’s headquarters in Crewe, England.

The stone surfaces of the NanoStone veneers are just 0.1 mm thick, meaning that they are extremely light and translucent, allowing the elegant grain and pattern in the stone to be visible to the interior occupants.

Tara red natural stone veneer adds colour, texture and class

Tara red natural stone veneer adds colour, texture and class

Stylish Galaxy real stone veneer

Stylish Galaxy real stone veneer

Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner Operations, comments: “Stone veneers are another first for Bentley – but only the beginning of what we plan to do with this luxurious and unique material.”

Mulliner is now offering Stone Veneers in a natural finish, in four different colours on Continental and Flying Spur: Galaxy, Autumn White, Terra Red and Copper. As with any bespoke feature, customers that are interested in Stone Veneers can get in touch with Mulliner’s bespoke team who will work with each individual to discuss their unique requirements.

Exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Natural Stone Veneer Limited, NanoStone is quite simply the world’s thinnest real stone; a genuine innovation with a total thickness of only 0.3 mm.

As light as a feather to handle, install and in use, NanoStone can be thermo-formed, three-dimensionally formed or wrapped. It will also conform to a radius as small as 2mm.

NanoStone is available in 12 spectacular colours.