Everything you’d expect from a top quality veneer. But it’s real stone!

Available in 12 stunning colours each with a distinctive, individual pattern, BendyStone is the result of applying German skill, knowhow and technology to one of nature’s oldest and most enduring materials.

Only 2mm thin, BendyStone is causing excitement and bringing innovative thinking to architects, designers, builders and developers in a huge range of ways.

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Uses for BendyStone

By bringing BendyStone to market, we are offering previously unimagined levels of flexibility in design and use that only our unique real stone products can deliver.

Real stone in our unique BendyStone form can be cut, bent and shaped to fit any surface area, regardless of whether it is flat, curved or even a mix of the two.

Because of its unbelievable bendiness, BendyStone can be used in applications previously undreamt of. Pillars, walls, ceilings, columns, furniture, luggage and more – can now all be made to look absolutely stunning, clothed in the beauty of real stone.

Reception areas, entrances, boardrooms, hotel foyers, restaurants or any other interior area can all be given a unique touch of class which comes from using this beautiful natural product.

In the home its uses extend to bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms or anywhere that would benefit from a luxurious, striking and altogether dramatic appearance.

What’s more, being incredibly lightweight, BendyStone is simple and quick to install, saving time and money. It has the added advantage of being easy and economical to ship, to store and handle. As if that were not enough, it is also extremely eco-friendly in production and sustainability.

Click <here> to see some of the incredible projects which use the unique properties and beauty of BendyStone.

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What is BendyStone?

BendyStone is a natural stone product obtained from quarries around the world and is split from real slate. Sourcing our products from different geographical locations results in a stunning, natural product available in a colour to suit every application.

Because our products are exactly as nature created millions of years ago, every piece is different in stratus, three dimensional accentuation and feel, graining and variances of colour hues. Each piece has its own natural and individual beauty, making it impossible to “sequence” or match any two pieces for applications.

It requires a high degree of skill and “hands-on” labour to split the slate into very thin layers while applying a glass fibre reinforced polyester resin (GRP) for a strong bond producing the backing for the sheets of BendyStone. The high degree of adhesion achieved between the slate and the GRP makes the product more stable and adds amazing flexibility.

We also offer BendyStone in colours found in natural sandstone, a sedimentary rock consisting of grains of sand which mainly contain quartz. It is mined from sand pits in Northern Germany and bonded vertically with thermoplastic binders onto large sheets. The colour variations of the sand range from white quartz to dark brown.

Produced with great skill and experience, only from selected and suitable sand pits, the relief-like progressions of the sediment layers make each sheet a truly unique piece.

We apply a fabric mesh-structure for great flexibility.

Every product in our BendyStone range has an inherent and natural beauty, enabling designers to add a spectacular appearance, texture and a unique touch of luxury to an enormous variety of applications and locations.

To see BendyStone in action, click <here> (Link to case studies)

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BendyStone in action (Link to case studies)

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The stunning colour range of BendyStone

BendyStone is created from completely natural products which have no need of artificial additives or colours.

We offer 12 stunning colours each with a distinctive, individual pattern.

To see our colours (Link to colours page)

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Technical Specification

The BendyStone standard sheet size is 1220mm x 610mm (4ft x 2ft) which are available in stock ready for immediate dispatch.

Larger sheet sizes are available in certain colours to a maximum sheet size of 2800mm x 1250mm. These large sheet sizes are not stock items and are made to order. Please allow 4 to 6 week lead time. Large sheets are available in the following colours: Autumn / Autumn White / California Gold / Multicolour / Zeera Green / Silver Shine / Galaxy / Black Line & South Black

Bespoke sizes to suit your specific requirement are available to order. Please allow a 4 to 6 week lead time.

Technical Properties (raw material)

Front Real stone
Back(*) Glass fibre fabric in polyester resin matrix
Temperature limits -58 /+203 °F
Formaldehyde Stone-Veneer is formaldehyde-free
Thermal expansion (194 °F) 0.5 – 0.8 mm/m (≈0.08 %)
Fire behaviour: Individual assessment
Specific Surface colourful slate quartzite slate
Thickness (mm) 1.0- 1.5 1.0- 2.0
Weight per square metre (lbs) 2.2 – 3.3 2.2 – 4.4
Water absorption (%) ASTM C-121 2.5 1.9
Average abrasion (mm) IS: 9162-1979 0.7 0.9
Maximum abrasion (mm) IS: 9162-1979 0.8 1.0

(*) The back can be applied to many different substrate materials such as non-woven materials, HPL, particle board, PU-foam panels, HDF, MDF, natural fibre etc. depending on applications and use. Minimum 160 gr. craft papers or foil should be used for balancing. Follow the instructions of the mounting plate producer.

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Installation Guide (As current contents under these headings)

Installation Video (you tube link)

Installation Guide

Fixing & Grouting