Creating dramatic effect in the bar with Natural Stone Veneer

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The inherent qualities of real stone veneer can unlock infinite design possibilities for interior specialists, architects and other specifiers, providing a hassle free installation solution and a stunning finished product for the client.

In the case of The Suburbs, design specialists Brereton Pinnington were looking for materials to use on this cocktail bar refurbishment project that would provide a dramatic effective. Real Stone Veneer fitted the brief perfectly.

The Suburbs makes an eclectic edition to the vibrant village of Hoole, Cheshire in an area now hailed as “Notting-Hoole” due to its raft of trendy boutique shops and stylish watering holes.

Both the colour and focus for The Suburbs was established through bold paint and upholstery as well as bespoke objects. Immense personality was created with quirky detailing such as Rolls Royce Helicopter engine parts as well as wall lights and wash stands from a Victorian Chateaux.

Real Stone Veneer in copper was chosen to cover the long bar front with the intention of creating an impact as you walk through the front door. ‘We chose copper as it is very current. It is also very warm as the stone produces a lovely atmospheric glow,” said Clair Brereton of Brereton Pinnington Design. “The stone also complements the copper pendants lights situated over the bar counter and sits well with the blue colour scheme and prevents it from feeling cold,” she added.

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It took 20 copper Real Stone Veneer sheets to cover the L shaped bar front, and as the bar is long in length, the sheets were installed vertically so as to give a tall feeling and to emphasise the height.

The sheets were applied to plywood using Natural Stone Veneer’s recommended solvent-free adhesive. Although the sheets are large, they are very easy to work with – they instantly grab the surface but still allow for adjustment once in place. The panels were really easy for a competent joiner with a handsaw to work with a handsaw. We liked the fact that it came in large sheets so not many cuts or grout lines to spoil the design,” said Clair.

Unique colouring

The raw split surface of the stone and the interchanging colours of each stone layer are absolutely unique, giving completely natural colour hues and surface variations from panel to panel. This has been put to beautiful effect on the bar front as it catches the light from the front window close by.

Entrance Porch

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As a contrast, Autumn Rustic Real Stone Veneer was installed in the entrance porch of The Suburbs, this time horizontally. Clair explains, “Here the horizontal flow gives a feeling of substance and solidity. The entrance area is only small, so we wanted a material that would make the space something in its own right in order to create a feeling of arrival.”


Despite their size, the sheets remain lightweight and are therefore easy to carry around site. Clair said, “The sheets are very easy to transport in the back of a car with no dust or mess, and they are so flexible that you can bend them over the back seat and they won’t break.”

Avid fans of Real Stone Veneer, Brereton Pinnington has used the material on three other restaurant projects because it is very appealing to clients who want to say something different. Clair admits, “No one has ever seen anything like Real Stone Veneer before so when we show it to clients there is always bit of a wow factor about it.”