A new, innovative and exciting range of Real Stone Veneer to enter the UK market


RICHTER Real Stone Veneer® The Original


RICHTER NanoStone® The Original


RICHTER MicroStone® The Original


 German Engineering… German Quality… German Technology

it’s NATURAL STONE… it’s FLEXIBLE… it’s LIGHTWEIGHT…it’s THIN… the uses are endless!

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The official distributor of Richter products for the UK & IRELAND


This new range of products will offer entirely new opportunities for interior wall cladding applications. It’s perfect to easily put onto FLAT or CURVED Walls, Partitions, Columns, Ceilings, Doors, Furniture, Kitchen Units, Bathrooms, Shower & Wet rooms… the list in endless ! This product presents a truly revolutionary way of using and working with natural stone.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • 100% NATURAL STONE cladding for any surface – FLAT or CURVED
  • FLEXIBLE! – Can be used on curved walls, pillars, partitions, curved doors & furniture…
  • 12 different colour and texture ranges
  • German design, German technology, German engineering, German R&D, German quality
  • Light weight / Easy to handle / Easy to carry / Easy to transport / Easy to cut / Simple and fast to install
  • Much quicker to fit than solid tiles means cheaper fitting and labour costs
  • Easily fixed with recommended grab adhesive
  • Standard sheet size is 1220mm x 610mm… That’s a large piece of Stone!
  • Bespoke sizes available to a maximum size of 2800mm x 1250mm in certain colours
  • Up to 250m2 per pallet means massive savings on haulage costs and space on site or in store
  • Less chance of damage on site or in store
  • More environmentally friendly than solid natural stone cladding
  • Produced under the ”Ethical Trading Initiative” (ETI) conditions

NATURAL STONE VENEER is produced by taking thin layers of natural stone that have been split from the surface of a large slab. These thin layers are then fused onto a flexible fibre glass backing using special innovative technology to create the final product.

It’s hard to believe… but it’s true. Real Natural Stone that is 2mm thick!

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