NanoStone is NOW available!

… but currently, on a ”to order only” basis.


NanoStone… the thinnest stone in the world!

Nano Stone from Richter is a real innovation with a total thickness of only 0.3 mm (0.012″ – less than 1\64″).

After the hugely successful launch of the Stone Veneer product range, Richter continued in developing the concept and after a further 5 years of intensive research and endless tests, Richter succeeded in refining the process to such a high level that in 2009 they surprised the international markets with the launch of Nano Stone… the thinnest stone in the world!

Despite its super thin slate thickness, the surface structure is still intact and is astonishing with its unsurpassed visual look and feel. The fleece backer reinforced from wa

ter-jet hardened fabric without any chemical binding agents is the actual thickness of the material.

As light as a feather and very flexible. It may be thermo-formed, three-dimensionally formed or wrapped and is suitable for post-forming applications with no problems. It will also conform to a radius as small as 2mm.

This fascinating THINLY CUT & LIGHTWEIGHT stone can be used in countless applications such as:

  • The Furniture Industry
  • The Construction Industry
  • The Interior Design Industry
  • The Architecture Industry
  • The Automotive Industry
  • The Airline Industry
  • The Yacht Industry
  • The Clothing Industry
  • The Textile Industry

….. the list is endless!

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